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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.01.2017, evening, Sofia)

One of the many basic features of a vaishnava is that he is merciful. He is judging according to the spirit, according to the soul. What I see is the crude, material form. What a spiritual person observes is the spiritual form. There’s no second thought for such a person. Therefore we should try to qualify like that. Not to see the spots on the moon, but to see the full moon. It is there. Little spots are also there, but the full moon is there. What is in our focus? I think in our focus should be the light. Search for the light! Shortcomings are always there. But the beauty, harmony and the grand picture is also there. So don’t let yourself be cheated by illusion. Better we try to trick illusion. But how to do that? There’s only one way to trick illusion – if you escape from its clutches.

Because how it works? It always repeats the same story. There’s nothing new in the world of illusion. It’s always the same. And we are ready to jump for the same ideas. Better we try to escape. Of course, how to escape illusion? It’s practically impossible! Krishna says in the Gita: “This divine energy of Mine is impossible to overcome.”[1] But if you find the master of illusion, then through this you can escape.

And if you come closer to the divine light, then automatically your shadow will appear. You expect that your shadow is gone, but it’s not. It becomes more obvious. If we enter the light, everything becomes more obvious, even our shadow. Until we are in the dark there’s no shadow. As soon as you enter the light, you will meet your shadow, you will cast your shadow. This is a natural consequence. So then what to do – return back to the darkness to get rid of our shadow? No! Actually then illusion has tricked you. Because she doesn’t want to lose you – as an old friend, as a very obedient servant.

We are old friends and old obedient servants of illusion. And this is not the way to trick her. Better we search for divine light. But then what will happen? You will meet your shadow. You thought that you had no shadow. But it’s the other way round – you have a long, dark and dense shadow.

But as you are all very experienced in the spiritual sciences, you have learned that demigods have no shadows. So how to recognize a demigod? If you meet somebody on the street and he’s got no shadow, it’s a demigod. Rarely will you meet such a person, but in case you meet – that’s a demigod. So, if you meet your own shadow, you might have an ambition: ‘Maybe I have to become a demigod – to get rid of my shadow.’ And it is possible. You can take a similar job like the demigods – some cosmic management. But there is one more other option. Actually what is the definition of a demigod? In the Krishna Book it is said who is a demigod. Tat priya-artham: tat – for him, priya – satisfaction, artha – goal; the only goal of the existence of such a person is God’s satisfaction, God’s happiness. This is the demigod. So you see, this is not a cosmic title or some business, job. This is a spiritual engagement.

So, one way to improve our position and to get rid of our shadow is to become a demigod. To live only for the sake of God. To serve only His satisfaction. Now everybody will say: “Yes! This is our goal.” Then tomorrow comes with the routine daily activities and our separate private interest will appear again. So, even if we agree on this point, we should work very hard even to approach, not to obtain that level.

(to be continued)

[1] Bhagavad Gita 7.14


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