Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Let us see the meeting of Radha and Krishna. When They meet in the original setup, in the original Vrindavan, then everything is clear, sambhoga, meeting, is provided – They can meet under the shades of the trees on the side of Yamuna under the full moon and all the circumstances, all the environment is very favorable for that meeting. There is a little struggle, a little They have to find a way, but They will find a way. So this is a happy moment, Vrindavan-lila is a very happy chapter of the divine pastimes. And the nature of Vraja-lila is this – it describes the divine unity.

But when They are separated after some time and later on when they meet again in Kurukshetra, then this mood is more expressed. The environment is very similar to the original Vrindavan setup – the full moon is coming, the same breeze is bringing from Malaya mountains the aroma of sandal wood, and this is the same Krishna, this is the same me – says Radharani – but we cannot really meet without obstacles, because so many people are here, so many are watching. Something has changed. And thenKrishnawants to achieve the forgiveness of Radharani, so They compete with each other who should touch the lotus feet of the other.

So this mood when God is searching for the blessings of the devotee – this is a very refined mood of the highest type of religion. Because usually all the religious practices focus on how you should pray for God’s mercy; and not that God is praying for the mercy of anybody else. This is highly, highly refined conception and we should never take it very simple and very easy.

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