Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If existence exists, then there is only eternity, meaning there is no death, no need, no vacancy, nothing perishes, nothing can be lost. Therefore if you perceive lack, need, missing, it does not really exist – as there is only positive existence. Then what about the non-existing things? Whatever does not exist, they exist as non-existent things. This sophism comes from Aristotle: those things which do not exist, they exist as non-existent things. I have been thinking about it for the last 30 years. Non-existence cannot exist, as there is only existence, so therefore those which do not exist, they also exist in the state of non-existence. This is the positive postulating of the world of experience. There is no horn of the rabbit, therefore the horn of the rabbit exists as non-existent. This might look or sound like a paradox, but rather it is a single version of all the experience possible in this lifetime, and this version is affirmation to positivism: only existence exists.

No doubt, this is a hard nut to crack. So finally we can say: the existence of absence can be grabbed, understood, approached exactly in its non-existence. This is a reverse order of the previous argumentation. If non-existent things can be grabbed in their state of positively existing as non-existent things, then the existence of absence, lack, missing, non-existence can be grabbed only in its non-existence.

How the absence exists? It exists only as a non-existing idea, as there is only complete positive existence and nothing is missing.

This is not only a pun or a useless sophism. This is very important for me; this question is the root of my vision: what is reality, what is existence, what is there? And in the Upanishads it is said: some say, the world originates from non-existence (asat). But how can reality (sat), originate from non-reality (asat)? If asat is the origin, then everything will return to its origin, that is to asat. And I do not find it logical that from unreal something real should come. Asato maa sat gamaya[1]… Therefore is said, sat exists, that is existence exists! Meaning inclusively that non-existence does not exist. But then this would be a self contradiction inside the logical system (svagata-bheda) therefore we can say that non-existence, asat, unreal, absence exists only in this special state of non-existent things, objects, ideas. That is, finally non-existence really exists, without contradicting the original paradigm, but in a very special state, as being non-existent.

In the “Brahma Samhita” it is said, that in Shvetadvipa time exists as a blissful state of eternity and therefore not even a moment is ever lost there.

[1] From unreal lead me to real…

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