Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj on “Chaitanya Charitamrita”, Antya-Lila, 4th Chapter,
28 of May 2006, Sofia)
“Although Sanatan Goswami forbade Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to embrace him, the Lord did so. Thus His body was smeared with the moisture from Sanatan’s body, and Sanatan became greatly distressed.” So sometimes – as we discussed – mercy comes in forceful way. Like Sanatan tried to avoid, but he could not. By force Mahaprabhu was embracing him.
“Thus both servant and master departed for their respective homes. The next day Jagadananda Pandit went to meet Sanatan Goswami. When Jagadananda and Sanatan sat together and begun to discuss topics about Krishna, Sanatan submitted the cause of his distress: “I came here to diminish my unhappiness by seeing Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, but the Lord did not allow me to execute what was in my mind. Although I forbid Him to do so, Mahaprabhu nevertheless embraces me. Therefore His body became smeared by the discharges of my itching sores. In this way I am committing offence at His lotus feet, for which I shall certainly not be delivered. At the same time I cannot see Lord Jagannath – this is my great unhappiness! I came here for my benefit, but now I see I’m getting just the opposite! I don’t know and I cannot find how there will be benefit for me.”
The two ideas were: one – to see the Lord in the temple; the other – to avoid the offence to Mahaprabhu. So it’s happening opposite – no visit to the temple and aparadh to Mahaprabhu. He tried his best, still he didn’t succeed.
“Jagadananda said: “The most suitable place for you to reside is Vrindavan. After seeing the Ratha Yatra festival, you can return there. The Lord has already ordered both of you, brothers, to situate yourself in Vrindavan.” Because remember – Rupa and Sanatan are two brothers. And they got some order form Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to do some certain devotional services – like writing books, preaching, excavating the lost places of pilgrimage… “There you will achieve all happiness. Your purpose of coming here has been fulfilled, for you had seen the lotus feet of the Lord. Therefore after seeing Lord Jagannath at the Ratha Yatra cart, you can leave”
Sanatan Goswami replied: “You had given me very good advice. I shall certainly go there, for that is the place where the Lord has given me for my residence.”
Hm… Sanatan Goswami enjoyed the embrace of God Himself. Still he didn’t had his peace if mind. Do you have your peace of mind? More like not. So what a prospect we have, if even a great devotee – being embraced by the Lord Himself – is still disturbed?! Are you ready to follow this process? Doest it make any sense – that you will be embraced by God and still you are not satisfied?
But then comes a devotee friend. And you open up the great trouble in your heart. He gives some good advice and then you are relieved. So we might come to the conclusion, that the devotee is more potent than God himself. What you cannot resolve yourself and Lord Himself between two of you, with the help of some vaishnava, he can resolve that easily. This is the guru principle. Right? Myself and God – some little disturbance is there. But if a devotee comes for help, he can easily relieve that tension. This is very nice example! Very simple things are happening – devotees are coming and going and discussing something, but we can get some essential teachings from here.

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