Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 11.05.2017 pm, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

“Since this universe has no real ultimate existence, the things within it — shortness, differences, grossness, skinniness, smallness, bigness, result, cause, living symptoms, and materials — are all imagined. They are all pots made of the same substance, earth, but they are named differently. The differences are characterized by the substance, nature, predisposition, time and activity. You should know that all these are simply mechanical manifestations created by material nature.”[1]

Very interesting explanation. Because what do we see? We see the varieties. And we have a hope in the eternity of the things, but everything will be demolished. Yet, sometimes we are too much obsessed by these external formalities. But I suggest to you: don’t be satisfied with the principle of unity. Because there’s no doubt that there is a unified platform of existence, which is difficult to reach, but when you get there it gives you a kind of bliss. Still, ultimately the really great mystics say that there is something beyond this unified platform. And this is the really interesting thing, by knowing which everything else is known. This is where we should reach – the spiritual variety of the divine world – this is the really interesting stuff. Because whatever we perceive, here it’s a kind of creation of illusion, projected on the screen of our mind. It looks and sounds very real, although ultimately they say it’s not real.

If we remove the layers of existence, what will you find ultimately? We might say we have lost everything. But something remains, the subtle essence remains. This is what we have to recognize. And again all the different relative varieties are actually only a question of proportions. Here a little bit more energy is concentrated, in other places a little vacuum is there; so, it’s only a question of allocation and concentration.

But then you may ask: but ultimately what is this life? What is it that we perceive? What is this experience? Is it a vacuum or a concentration of some energy? ‘I am a mother! This is not a vacuum!’ Or ‘I’m a devotee of my master!’ Therefore we have to understand the mystery of life. Everything is a question of realization. It is said: according to our faith we shall meet the supreme reality. Yadrishi yadrishi shradha siddhir bhavati tadrishi[2] – “According to your faith you will reach perfection”. It’s very important! Please, try to remember this: according to you faith you will meet God – if we want to put it very simply. Therefore, according to our faith we need to develop a good spiritual practice.

Just imagine yourself in the last moments of your life on this planet Earth: you have become old, your ability to enjoy was gone long time ago; you have lost your knowledge that you have accumulated so difficultly. Practically all that you have collected in this lifetime you see that it’s not in your position anymore. Even your beloved ones are very far away from you. What remains with you? What you can carry to the next chapter? Not so much.

Once we discussed with devotees: if you can choose three things that you can carry on to your next life, what is your preference, what are your treasures that you want to carry on for the next lifetime? And very nice answers came. Somebody said: “My affection to my children – this I would like to carry on with me.” Other said: “My japa, the holy name I’d like to have next time also.”  Somebody else said: “Oh, I’d like to carry the Bhagavatam to the next life.” So, please, think for yourself what is your real treasure, what would you like to preserve now and for eternity. But your choice should be something that you can never lose. Which doesn’t depend on this lifetime, on the knowledge or whatever we have collected here, because we shall lose it, we have to leave.

I consider myself a collector. I like beautiful things, but I realized that I will have to leave them here. Then I started another collection – not material objects, beautiful pieces, but beautiful souls. It’s a splendid collection, I tell you. A collection that lasts forever. So, if you choose your treasure, be clever! Try to choose your treasure, your attachment, properly. Search for that by obtaining which you have obtained everything. This is a real mystic experience. You have one moment, but you perceive eternity. You have one pebble and you hold the whole universe in your hands. Perfection – here and now.

(to be continued)

[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam, 12.5.10

[2] Brahma Samhita 5.61

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