Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

eyes of Krishna

Although we live in eternity, nevertheless sometimes we have to pay some little attention here and there to time, place and circumstances. These three pillars help us to practice our spiritual life adequately.

What is place? We all live in a sacred universe, because even this world, this material sphere is a creation of God Supreme for His purpose. He has some good reasons why He did it, but we, human beings, also contribute and this creates some little problems here and there. This world is for the purpose of the Supreme Lord. Some games, some activities He wants to reveal here. So this is place. Place is a holy place. It is not a simple place, but it is part of the divine plan. If we have this attitude, the whole environment will change around us. Too bad if we do not change. If we purify our vision, we shall have a better world around. Then the place will change its function. For those who have material ambitions, this world is a place for action. For those who have to pay off their karma, this place is a place of suffering. And for those who want to serve God, this place is a perfect locality to do it, to make it happen. So, place will change the function if you have the proper attitude.

Then time – what is time?

Answer: It is strange for me to define time as we invented the measurement of time in days, hours and so on…

Tirtha Maharaj: Did we? I thought the Sun is working on its own. And clock is not the time. Time we can say this is one energy of the Supreme Lord, or other times we can say that this is that special function that will end everything material. If we want to be more precise philosophically we can say that time does not exist, but if we want to be poetic in our philosophy, then we should say that “time is a blink of the eyelash of Krishna”. This is the poetic expression of what is time. It means, time will also change if you have the proper mood. From something that curbs you to accomplish your duties, it starts to help you to perform them.

And finally circumstances. Time functions for most of the people like a destroyer of the world. Krishna says in the Gita: “I am time, finishing all the worlds”[1]. Other time He says: “I exist as the time unlimited, eternal time”[2]. And the cooperation of the place and time will create the circumstances. This will create the complex that provides the environment for us. For example by time and by providence, you become fathers and mothers, which will change a lot your duties. Before you had some little freedom, at least the illusion of freedom, and now you have realized that there is none. And we have to say “yes” to our environment. This is the secret of action – how to act properly. To act in such a manner that there is no reaction. Action – reaction, this is the material sphere. But you know, you remember the third step: action-reaction and perfection. You understand: if we make some input – we have to take the results. But the real science of action is how to act in a proper way without limitations, without this coming feedback. So, can you change your environment? What do you think?

Answer: Seems like not. You cannot change your environment, rather you can change your attitude to what is happening.

Tirtha Maharaj: Let’s put it into practice. So we have to pay little attention on time, place and circumstances, because if you cultivate the impermanent, you will reach impermanent results. If you cultivate the permanent, you will reach permanent results. And what is your permanent part? This is your spirit soul, all else will change. Everything is passing. Time is compared to a snake, and the snake has two jaws. The upper jaw is the future, and the lower jaw is the past. In this way the snake of time is devouring everyone. By past and by future – eating out the whole Universe. And the time snake has got good digestion – nothing remains, nothing! So, better we cultivate our eternal part, because you all have an eternal power also. And this eternal power, eternal capacity of yours have these doubles sides: prana and prema. It means your life force and your love. Therefore, to make it perfect, we have to connect it to the Supreme. That is real life, that is real love. All else is just a reflection. So, if we connect back, then we shall understand that life comes from life, knowledge comes from consciousness, and love comes from love, divine love.

(to be continued)

[1] Bhagavad Gita 11.32

[2] Bhagavad Gita 10.33

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