Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The whole world is insignificant as a blade of grass. Is that a realistic view? Well, maybe it sounds weird for general people. But in two ways we can understand this.

One is if we can evaluate the beauty and the great qualities of the blade of grass. Because the grass is the symbol of humility. Very small, very insignificant living entity, but still has some very remarkable qualities. For example, he is never standing alone, always keeps company. A small little thing, but always grows and with his green existence gives some food for some bigger animals, like the sheep of the ashram or the cows of Krishna. But then the autumn time comes. And then it stops growing. And then the sheep practically cut everything to the root, only very little remains. The next spring comes – and it is coming again! So this is a very powerful proof of the power of life. Sometimes difficult times come, like winter, when the souls are trembling and more like hiding. Sometimes there is a winter outside in this material world. That means – not favorable for spiritual cultivation. Never mind, pull back your energies, preserve and next moment when it is appropriate, just come forward. Because small little blade of grass can do that; how is it that you cannot do that? But other times a tempest is attacking the forest. And big and proud trees are broken down. Last summer we had such a very heavy, incredibly strong wind and it broke down some dozens of huge trees around the ashram, fortunately not on the ashram. And the foresters told that every 12-20th year such a storm comes and then leaves some marks behind him. And also the grapes and different plants in the garden were really hit hard. No problem with the grasses. Because they use their humility to bow down in front of the tempest.

So if you meet some very powerful element, use this method. If you bow down, if you are ready to admit that the other party is stronger, you will have less problems. Humility works. Humility sometimes helps to survive certain situations. This is what we can learn from a simple blade of grass. And if we see that power to survive, then we can say that this is a glory to the world if we compare it to the blade of grass.

But on the other side it is said that it is insignificant as a blade of grass. How can you compare this wide universe to such an insignificant something? Well, only if we have found something better. And if we have a very small little understanding about the spiritual sky then we can say: ah, this material universe is nothing! Although the divine beauty is manifested here on this relative platform. And if this world contains such incredible miracles, then we can imagine what is happening there in spiritual sky, which is complete.

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