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June 2018
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




Swami Tirtha: Let’s examine who we are. Can you help me with answering this question? What is your first reflection, if you are questioned ‘Who you are?’ what would you answer?

Answer: Bulgarian.

Swami Tirtha: This is true. Others?

Answer: Part of the whole.

Swami Tirtha: Ah, very nice! Yes? Let’s go one by one, let’s try this – it will give very interesting results. Can we start with you? Who are we?

Answer: Part of the divine consciousness.

Answer: Students of this world.

Answer: Servants.

Swami Tirtha: Ah, very high conception! Jay! Please, help us!

Answer: I am what I am.

Swami Tirtha: Very mystical! Nice answer. Yes, please?

Answer: I will tell you privately after the lecture.

Swami Tirtha: Thank you, I’m waiting for your answer. Yes, please? Others?

Answer: I’m European.

Swami Tirtha: Good. Yes, please?

Answer: We are made of love, so we are love, this is my opinion.

Answer: We are witnesses of a wonder.

Answer: We are beings of light.

Swami Tirtha: Very nice! These definitions, these identifications are very nice and very bright. You know, many times people give answers as: “My name is this and this, my profession is this and this and my family status is this and this.” Because these are the normal conditions of our lives. But these can change any moment. Once in a similar very nice circle we discussed this topic and one very tender, very soft young man was answering this question ‘Who are you?’ and he said: “I am a wild animal”, although he was a very soft, very tender young man. But I also had to ask: “And is it possible to tame you?”

So, we have different conceptions about ourselves. I made a little research into the answers of people in general. And I can tell you that the majority of people have some kind of spiritual answer to this question. More than 80 % gave opinions as ‘I am a human being. I’m part of the whole. I am a searcher’ – some very positive answers. Very few gave answers like ‘I don’t know.’ And also very few gave negative answers like ‘I’m worth nothing. I’m just empty. I’m zero’ – very marginal number gave this kind of negative or nihilistic answers. That means that the majority of us have this awareness that we are great, we have a mission here on this planet Earth. Maybe this is not quite clear yet, but we have to find a proper answer to fulfill this mission.

But if we try to examine ourselves according to our tradition, for example, then we shall understand – please try to remember, a very simple word – that we are not the bodies. We all feel a little more precious than these bodily elements. About 75% of your body is made of water. And although the price of water is also going up, nevertheless this is not so precious, right? Plus you have some bones, some different other elements – so if we put all this together, it’s let’s say maximum 100 lev. But you feel a little more precious than 100 lev, isn’t it?

So, to understand that we are not these bodies, immediately means that you come to a higher level of consciousness. Because the body has taken birth, so it will perish anyway. Still our feeling of identity remains the same. When we are young we say ‘I’, when you are older – the same, when we are old – the same. Your feeling of identity is the same. Although it’s very difficult to see that this is the same body, age has changed you a lot. Although the body from these material elements will die, our feeling of identity, our consciousness remains the same. Therefore from the impermanent we have to come to the permanent. We have to search for our permanent identity, something that will never change in you.

Question: Could you please share with us your answer to the question you asked in the beginning?

Swami Tirtha: My answer? We say it in Hungarian: “This is the hanging of the hangman.” Well, my answer is that I try to be a servant of my spiritual master. And therefore I am very happy that somebody mentioned here that “We are servants” or “I am a servant”. Because that is a very high position. Although everybody wants to be a master in this world, those who have refined understanding, they know that to serve is much better. To receive gifts is good, isn’t it? But to give – it’s much more pleasurable! In the same way, if we can give something, if we can give our life, our energy, our services to the Supreme – or to the representative of the Supreme like a spiritual master – then we are very fortunate. So, very shortly – this is my answer.

Usually people answer to this question: “I am a searcher.” Many times they say this: “I’m very open and I am searching.” This is popular, isn’t it? But I don’t like that answer. Because if you are a searcher, that means you haven’t found anything yet. So from a searcher we have to improve, we have to upgrade ourselves to be a finder. And if you have found something, then you have to become a practitioner. Because if we want to achieve a higher level of our existence, we have to do something about it. And spiritual practices help us to come to this higher platform.



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