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October 2018
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


First of all I would like to greet everybody. I am very happy that you came. You know, while hiding in my room I always hear the door opening and that just helps my heart to be tuned. Because this is something very real – that we come together every morning in search of something spiritual. And I have to tell you I always wonder: you give me so much by providing your attention, dedicating your time; I wonder what can I give to you? It’s very insignificant. But I hope simply by doing our service nicely everyone is benefited, including those who come, including those who stay and including those who will come in the future.

Now let’s focus our attention on an important topic – happiness. This is a very ancient topic. Since human beings exist they want to know what happiness is. But is it enough to know what it is? No, we want to experience it. In the same way it is not enough to know who God is. We have to experience it.

But don’t jump too quickly too high. Let’s stick to happiness first. In the ancient times, in the upanishadic times, saints were coming together and they had a discussion about happiness. Shall we read that passage?

This is a chapter from the “Taittiriya Upanishad”. The name, the title of all the different Upanishads is a descriptive title. “Taittiriya Upanishad” is according to the tittiri bird, I don’t know the name in English. It’s a small bird. And there is a story behind. Once there was a conflict in a mission – there was some grave mistake and some death happened. And the master asked the disciples to meditate – to pay, to compensate for this mistake. But there was one devotee who said: “Your meditation is very weak. I will show you what to do.” Of course the master was offended: “Get out of here and give me back the knowledge that I have given to you!” Then it is said that he vomited the knowledge that he acquired before, but as he was a very significant practitioner, all the others immediately turned into these tittiri birds and started to pick these pieces of knowledge. Therefore this Upanishad is called Taittiriya, “Belonging to tittiri”. And here is the discussion:

“Brahman (or the Brahman principle) is bliss. Nonexistent was this world in the beginning. Therefrom verily was existence produced. (And then came existence). That (the divine principle) made itself a soul. Therefore it is called the well made.“

So, all the inquiries start at the beginning, the very beginning – how the world was created. And here it is described: first this world, the material sphere, did not exist. But then all of a sudden existence came. And you know from the Bhagavad Gita that in the beginning everything was avyakta, unmanifested, then the manifested comes, and then again pralaya will come – unmanifested again. It’s just like summer and winter, all the time shifting and changing. But this concerns only the material sphere. In the spiritual sky there is no change, no death.

“Verily what is well made, that is the essence of existence.” Sukritam is the original word, „well done”. So, if God desires to create or to show the manifestation of this world, it is well done. It’s a good job. Whatever He does, it’s well done. Don’t try to search for the mistakes in His job. He is perfect; whatever He does is also perfect. He is the ultimate cause and you are also a kind of result. That means you are… yes, also perfect! But unfortunately a little cloud of illusion envelopes you, right now. So, only we have to remove that, and then the original, natural perfection of the soul is revealed.


(to be continued)


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