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May 2018
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

vision of ideal

Swami Tirtha: Please excuse my shortcoming that I don’t speak your language. Only the most important things I know in Bulgarian like четвъртък[1] and палачинка[2]. But today we came together not to speak material language, language of the word, but we came together to speak the language of the heart. To find the importance, the very high and very bright perspective of divine sound vibration.

Sound is energy. Energy is very important in our life. If too much energy comes to you, it gives a little problem. If too little energy we have, it’s also a problem. So we have to find the golden middle path concerning our energy system. Because human life is a very precious chance. So we should use this life, we should use this energy for the best purpose. And as we are sitting here in a yoga center and most of you are very serious practitioners, I think you are aware of these facts – that human life is important and it has got a divine goal.

Somehow we came here on this planet Earth. Do you know the reason why?

Answer: To learn and to grow.

Answer: To fulfill some mission.

Answer: To feel love.

Swami Tirtha: Very good answers you give! Thank you! What can I say? You know everything. We came here for doing something nice, to fulfill our mission and to practice and to experience loving exchange – very good answers.

But actually we have to examine our lives from three different perspectives: why, how and what for. Why we are here. How we should live. And for what purpose we should aspire for. You understand – the reason, the know-how and the goal.

And actually these three phases are described in our scriptures. The first one is called sambandha, or our connection, our origin. Do we come from nowhere or from somewhere? What do you think?

Answer: From somewhere.

Swami Tirtha: Hopefully yes. Because if we come from nowhere, we shall return to nowhere. But if we originate from somewhere, we shall reach back to somewhere. That’s a very important point – we come from a place, we come from somewhere. So, to find our origin, to find our source – this is a primary duty in human life. The body comes from bodies – without the mother and the father we could not sit here in this hall. So our body comes from other bodies. But you know, we have a very special part also – this is our soul. If the body comes from bodies, where does the soul come from? From the Soul, from the Supreme Soul.

Answer: From God.

Swami Tirtha: Yes! Thank you! If we understand this very simple fact, then the second phase will be very easy – how to live. Because if we belong to the divine realm, if we come from God somehow – otherwise this is a little complicated question, but basically we can say we come from above – so, if we belong to God, then we should live according to His desire. Right, this is logical. If we are more like spirit, then we should act more like spirit.

Of course, we have a bodily existence also. Our body is constructed of certain material elements – water to a large extent. 2/3 of our body is made of water. In the case of a tomato, it is over 90%. Babies – over 90%. Old men are drying up – they have less water. So we can say that 50-60 canisters of water are sitting here around us. Still you feel a little more precious than that. So we are not only these 50 liters of water and this and that, but we feel something more precious inside. And this very precious part of us is our soul.

How much do we know about our body and how much do we know about our soul? We don’t know too much about the body, because it is so miraculously working. Still we are concerned with the body so much – although it is inferior to our spiritual identity. If you go to a shopping center, you will find hundreds of different lotions for your body. Foodstuffs for your body; and how much foodstuff for the soul will you find in such places? Not so much. For that we have to come to the yoga center. Here your body is in good shape and your soul is also cultivated.

So we are much more precious than simply this material construction of the body. Therefore we have to understand more and more that we are eternal spirits – spiritual souls, not simply matter. This is a long path – to understand, to realize this fact. But don’t worry, somewhere we have to start. Every long journey starts with the first step.

If we understand that we are not the body, but we are souls, we have spiritual quality, then we should try to act accordingly. But without identifying our goal, can we reach it? If we don’t know what the direction is, we shall not reach. They say that for a ship which does not know the destination, no wind is favorable. So we have to find the goal of our life. Then we know the origin, then we know the goal – only this little middle section we have to bridge.

And actually yoga helps us to bridge this gap. Because yoga will teach us about the spiritual qualities of our real identity. The body is limited – takes birth and dies. But your soul is not born and does not die, it’s eternal. One lifetime on this planet Earth is only one chapter in the eternal journey of the soul. And yoga means connection. In English the instrument that binds the oxen in front of the plough is called yoke – coming from the Sanskrit expression yoga. “Ярем”[3] – is also coming from yoga. Because it connects the two animals with the instrument. Same in Hungarian – “járom”. You see – we are brothers and sisters. So, yoga will connect you to the Supreme.


[1] Thursday

[2] pancake

[3] Yoke in Bulgarian

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