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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

reincarnation (1)

(from a lecture of Swami  Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

“When the servants came to take the body (of the king) for cremation, the queens caught hold of the body with a very tight embrace and their lamentation grew even louder. The sunset has passed, but they would not leave their husband’s body. All this crying and lamentation finally came to the ears of Yamaraja in his abode.”[1] Yamaraja is the lord of death in the Indian ancient history. So he is the person to judge people’s hearts. “This lamentation disturbed his mind to such an extent, that he resolved to take the form of a boy and to go to the king’s family personally to speak with them. After reaching there he addressed them as follows: ‘This is truly amazing! – he said. – You are grown-up people, older than me, but here I see you are crying and lamenting without a good reason. You have always seen birth and death occurring around you, yet how great is the attachment you seem to have developed! You should know that all human beings come from an unknown place and again they will have to depart to the unknown. It is unavoidable, since all those who are born must die once. So why do you lament?”

Strong words, isn’t it? Of course we don’t want to be separated from our beloved ones, yet ultimately there is no reason for real lamentation.

Who had seen a dead body? Many… What was your feeling – that body itself was that person whom you loved?

Yamuna: No.

Swami Tirtha: It was different. Different. Strange, unknown. Something was missing from there, right? So we should use our brain – it’s not the body that we liked, it’s something else. We have to search for that.

“Although I’m just a child, I understand this better than you. Taking birth from our parents, we have fallen prey to these material forms that are full of misery. We seem helpless and without protection. Yet there is someone who protects us, otherwise we would not have been able to survive in our mother’s womb and we could easily have been devoured by some ferocious animals. Ah, ignorant people! Our real protector is the Supreme Lord, by whose will alone is this world created, protected and destroyed. Compared to Him all moving and non-moving living entities are very insignificant. He has full power to create and to destroy. Everything is possible for Him. If by chance someone drops an object on the road by travelling, losing it, by the protection of God no one will touch it and he will be able to find it again. Yet without the protection of God even if we keep our property locked up and well-guarded inside our house, we will lose it and it will be destroyed.”

Do you agree? I think you all remember the teachings of Lord Jesus, who said: “Collect your wealth not here where moth and rust will eat it up, but try to find it in another place.”[2] Your wealth should be there in your heart.

“By the merciful glance of the Lord one can survive even after becoming lost in the jungle. Each individual attains a body according to his individual karma and when that karma is finished, the body will vanish. What is the value of this body? This body continuously suffers the six changes of birth, growth, conservation, loss, decline and destruction.”

Here something very important is mentioned – your previous karma will help you to obtain a body. In that sense karma is not a punishment, but this is a chance to burn up your karma.


(to be continued)

[1] from B.B.Tirtha Maharaj’s book The Holy Life of Prahlada

[2] Matthew 6.19

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