January 2019
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Friday) 

I am so happy to see so many masters here. Sometimes, you know, people want to inquire, they want to understand who is who and what is what. So sometimes they ask me: “Oh, by the way, how many disciples do you have?” Because they might think that if I have many, then I am a good and great, reliable guru and if I have few, then it’s not good. Usually then I say that: “Oh, I have no disciples”. And then you should see their faces. They are totally frustrated, like: “No disciples?! He is off the line, and we don’t have to pay any attention to this guy.” But when I add: ”I don’t have any disciples, I have only masters to serve,” then this is total disturbance. It’s beyond their capacity to understand. But please, realize that this is a stupid question! “And how many disciples do you have?” What? You have a list in your pocket and you say: “Ah, two hundred and fifty”, or what? This is not a proper question. This is not a proper inquiry.

So, why is such a person very fortunate, who has disciples. who is in a position, so to say, to have followers, or disciples? The reason is not that sometimes he gets a garland, or sometimes he gets chapatti. But what he couldn’t accomplish in the service of his guru, what he couldn’t dedicate to his master, he can give it to those, whom he should consider masters again. In this way the new circle of dance is formed. Because one is running after the other. And in the circle of dance there is no beginning and no end. And everybody is a very important participant. So, therefore I wish that you should all have many disciples. Whatever you missed as a chance for service in your life as a disciple, you will be able to accomplish as a master. Therefore Mahaprabhu said: “You should all become gurus!” Not for sitting on an elevated place, not for having fancy clothes, but for being able to accomplish what you could not do while being a disciple.

Something very-very important was mentioned in the song of Narottam Das Thakur[1]. Many points are very important here, but one says that” Ah, Vaishnava Goswami, in your heart there is the residence of Govindaji.” Fortunately from this year on the presence of Govinda is not only a theoretical remark, this is reality. And the other part of this sentence is that “all the pure devotees live in the heart of Govinda.” Therefore it is so glorious to become pure devotees, because then you will have a divine residence.

The presence of Radha-Govindaji not only in the Pecs ashram, but in the whole mission – this is a very remarkable change. Recently I had been talking to a half-outsider friend and she asked: “What happened in the Pecs ashram last year?” I was thinking: ‘Oh, changes? Well, shall I talk about the square meters, or the refurbishment of the ashram, or what?’ And I discussed that, but after a little while she asked: “And what about the appearance of Radha-Govindaji?” Then I said: ”Oh, yes! That was the real change.” Because with Them a special mood of service appeared – and this is the exchange between the servant and God, between human and the Supreme. Krishna as Govinda is a good shepherd, so to say – someone who takes care of His folk, someone who guides them, who treats them nice and who reciprocates. Therefore this mood of service should pervade the daily practices of the devotees.

We shouldn’t set the standard too high – that we want to worship Gopinath; there is a good reason that Govindaji is there, because that is reciprocation. So, whatever you offer, you will receive something. And this mood should grow in Pecs – that we have somebody who takes care of us, we have a guide, we have God who takes care of us.

Govindaji is one of the main temples of Vrindavan. The first is connected to Sanatana Goswami – Madana Mohan – to attract, to capture the attention. The second is connected to Rupa Goswami – this is for reciprocation – Govindaji. And the third one is connected to Ragunath das Goswami – Gopinath, the rasa. But Rupa Goswami is the teacher of the whole sampradaya, of the whole movement. So, if Radha-Govindaji are there in Pecs, They invite us to enter into that mood, and we should provide a chance for others also to enter into that loving exchange with the Supreme. So, if we receive the blessings of Rupa Goswami, we should help people to understand that, to come closer to that ideal.

[1] Ei baro karuna koro

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