January 2019
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Friday)

Question of Kamen: Can we say that wherever there is faith there is no bhakti and wherever there is bhakti there is no faith?

Swami Tirtha: Very good question! Well, I wouldn’t say that if there is the one, the other cannot be. I wouldn’t say that. But definitely on the highest rasic platforms there is only one element. Just remember when Krishna disappeared from the rasa dance and the gopis started to chase after Him. So much so, that they almost caught Him. Then Krishna was perplexed a little bit: ‘Now what to do?’ That’s a real moment – when God becomes perplexed. He didn’t know what to do and He decided: ‘Oh, maybe I will show My divine form.’ So immediately He sat behind one bush and showed the Narayana aspect – with four arms, beauty, glory and everything. The gopis came from between the bushes, and immediately when they saw Narayana sitting there they said: “Ah, namo Narayanaya! Have you seen our Krishna?”

You see, faith is for God, love is for ‘our Krishna’. Because ‘He is ours! It’s not that we are for Him! He is for us!”

Other times He said: “Dear gopis, I have to go to Mathura, I have to go to Dwaraka. I will become a king, so please, be satisfied! We had a nice time, but it’s over. Still, you can for example meditate over Мe.” But what was the answer of the gopis: “Meditation? Simple, dry, theoretical meditation!? No, we want You!” So, in the highest rasic platform we can say there isn’t even faith, only this rapture.

All right, now we understood something about our goal. Please, also examine our present position. But don’t worry, it’s not hopeless. What will give us the hope? That our faith will bring us to the entrance door of love.

Thank you for these topics. Today I have understood something – before I had only one opponent, knowledge. Now I understood I have two – faith included.

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