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October 2018
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Some of our friends expressed their desire to join the family of the vaishnavas. Which is a very auspicious event and therefore I have to share some inspirations about the importance of the initiation. It’s enough to start a new life once. Even from this you can see how high and how mystic our process is. Because we don’t have to leave our body in order to start a new life, we only have to leave the previous level of consciousness to be born again.

There is a chance to be initiated into three things: into a science, into a mystery and the third one I will tell you later. So, what about the first one? Do you want to join a great science? Of course! Therefore we start our education. By joining any school you actually receive an initiation into that specific topic, that science. What is the greatest science on the planet Earth? The greatest science on Earth is how to live. Some people feel that it’s not necessary to have these rituals, these initiations. But we know how important it is. Because by receiving this we can get the blessings of all those who cultivate that science.

Yet sometimes we think science is too ordinary. We search for something else. When we see that science in a material way does not lead anywhere, then we think: ‘Mystery! That will help! Give me initiation into a mystery!’ What is the greatest mystery on the planet Earth? It’s not ‘how to live’, it’s life itself. The greatest mystery is this experience called life. It’s quite an experience! But don’t forget: this is a mystery. That means, it depends on personal, private experience and you can practically never understand it – because this is a mystery. If we can understand or analyze something, this is not a mystery. And it will also lose the charm. So some secrets we have to leave uncovered. But not your mistakes.

After being initiated into the science and then being initiated into the mystery – are you satisfied? Some people are. Good luck for them! But we are not satisfied with that. We need a third grade.

The third initiation is into divine love. And strange enough, these are gradual steps – higher and higher, we can say broader and broader levels. So all the sciences are included into mysteries and all the mysteries are included into divine love. That means all the knowledge is also included in divine love. By receiving one you can receive everything. So, if you are intelligent, you don’t waste your time by being initiated into sciences and being initiated into mysteries. Of course we respect all these different schools and levels. But as life is long and short at the same time, we need a shortcut, a direct connection.

At the same time initiation is not a banquet for diploma. This is not the end of the story of your journey. This is the beginning. Well, maybe not the beginning, but in this lifetime let’s take it as a very important and very beautiful beginning.

In Chaitanya Charitamrita it is said, that by the mercy of guru and Krishna in the heart of the person the seed of the creeper of divine love is planted. We all have the potential, still we need cultivation.

The day of initiation is very important in our life. Because this is the best day of our life. If you, my dear friends, remember the day of your initiation, and you look at the picture at the time of your initiation and you look into the mirror now, you will see the difference. If it is for better, then you progress nicely. If you don’t see the same shine and the same ecstasy on your face in the mirror, then you should come back to that point. Why? Because something happens at this time.

In order to be initiated into a science we have to take our exams. In order to be initiated into a mystery we have to go to trials. In order to be initiated into divine love we only have to say ‘yes’! Why? Because this is an act of mercy. Everything else is an act of exchange, and this is an act of mercy extended to us.

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