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October 2018
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


“The Rig Veda mantra says: “Om tad visno paramam padam sada pasyanti suraya diviva caksur atatam”. The divine feet of our holy Lord are like the sun above our heads. His holy feet are like the vigilant eye of a grand guardian hanging over our heads like the sun, and we are living beneath the glance of that vigilant eye. We are interested not in objective, but in subjective reality. We shall always try to live not in objective, but in subjective relativity. We should never think, “Under my feet I have firm ground to stand on; I am big, I shall stand erect.” Rather we should think “Above my consciousness is superconsciousness; the vigilant guardian’s eye is always watching me. I am living under the glance of that eye.” Our support comes not from below, but from above. He is our shelter. We are hanging from that substantial upper world wherein He resides; our support is found there. We must always be conscious of that.”[1]

Swami Tirtha: Here two very important topics are mentioned: the subjective and the objective reality. The wording of Shrila Shridhara Maharaj is very special, a little unusual. We have to understand properly what is what. Because usually we are trained to have the vision of objective reality: that is ‘I am the center and I observe everything that is around. That is the objective world and I am the subject to observe.’ But he puts it in a completely different way. Sometimes the technique of finding the opposites or observing the same situation from a different point of view brings a new kind of understanding. In the same way, having this shift of vision from the subjective and objective side gives a much more complete and comprehensive picture of the reality. Because here he says: “I am the object. I am to be observed. It’s not that ‘I observe God’, but He is the center. He is the super subjective reality, and He is looking around.”

Many times we discuss egotism. And you think that simply by bowing your head sometimes, it’s enough. But it’s not enough. Radically we have to change our vision, so that we can give up this false conception that we are the center of the universe and we are observing whatever happens around. Rather, we should understand that there is somebody who is observing. God is the subject. He is the person to look around. So, we and everybody else, and of course all the objects of the world, are the objects of His observation. This is a very delicate point, still very important. It is not that I will come to the temple to see God, but I will come to the temple to show myself, to be observed by Him. Because I am not the center, He is the center. In this way we can exchange our subjective egocentric feeling into something else – that He is in the center, and He is observing us.

And also it is mentioned that our support is not from under, but this is from above. The evolutionary theory says that material particles start to assemble and finally the mud starts to think and to feel. Sounds good! I think this is a little mind-blowing that by chance the particles come together to formulate you, for example. Just imagine, if by chance somebody starts to assemble different parts and elements in a wasteland. How long does it need to assemble a computer by chance? So, this means that you think that the support is under you – you are a fruit, you are a top of something big under you. We also believe in evolution, but we believe in spiritual evolution – that there is a source and we depend on that higher reality. Of course I am not criticizing the scientific theories, because this is the topic of the scientists. They say that the crude can manifest the subtle; but in the same way we can say: no, the subtle can manifest the crude. With the same reasoning, with the same background we can support this view also. This is called densification theory, becoming more and more condensed. So, the finer starts to coagulate and starts to become thicker, more dense.

Anyway, this is nice to depend on the material background. Because if we understand that our bodily self belongs to this cosmic matter, it will help us to adjust in a more proper way to this environment. But, if we understand that we depend on a higher reality, that background is much more enlivening.


(to be continued)

[1] From The Loving Search for the Lost Servant by Shrila Shridhara Maharaj

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