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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia) 

Question of Kripadham: Gurudev, my question is a little philosophical. When the soul goes out from the body, I know that there is the physical body and also a mental. My question is what happens with the mental body? When it dying? Is there some limitations or it depends on our activities?

Swami Tirtha: Material body is taken from matter, it will return to matter. Subtle body is taken from subtle elements. So it is not limited by the gross destruction of matter. While spirit has a spiritual quality, which is eternal – no beginning, no end. So actually death concerns only the gross material body. Do you follow? We have three identities: one is the mud and flesh – body; the other is our emotional, mental identity; and finally there is the spiritual spark that makes the whole system work. So, the body will disintegrate, but the soul will ever live.

And if we speak about mental death – maybe this is your question? What is mental death? What are the functions of the mind? Thinking, willing and feeling. So, if you cannot think, if you lose your willpower and if you are bereft of your emotions – that is mental death.

Otherwise our mental or astral identity is like a subtle form, subtle body. And the consciousness of the soul is projected and manifested on that platform first. So there is a process called mental progress or astral progress of the subtle body. And this is when we die for the previous lower levels of consciousness – we die for our mistakes, we die for our shortcomings – this we can also call mental death or disintegration of the subtle identity, but only for the cause of being born on a higher platform. After darkness there comes the light. Post tenebrax lux – after the darkness light will come. So if you die for your mistakes, then you can be born for your merits.

Yet ultimately does death exist? Not so much (не наистина). Because it’s only concerning the body, the material elements. But you, as the spiritual spark, you have such a power, that you can organize matter in such a way that it looks like living. This is the power of the soul. If there is the soul, it integrates; if there is no soul it disintegrates. So therefore please, use your power of integrity for the best purpose! It’s not enough to work for bodily survival. It’s necessary to work for eternity, for the eternal benefit of our soul.

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