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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Гурудев 11.I.09-40

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Kripadham: Gurudev, it’s very interesting in this story of Jay and Vijay that somehow these two gatekeepers of the spiritual sky due to their curse eventually are doing such a big mess on Earth and so many people are suffering because of their mistake. Isn’t it like this that more elevated people, let’s say senior people on the spiritual path, they have big responsibility and if they make some kind of mistake or do something bad, this somehow is destroying more things on a bigger scale?

Swami Tirtha: Yes, they have big responsibility. Because if let’s say you escape from my lecture, nobody recognizes. But if I try to escape from my lecture… Maybe it’s due to the (saffron) color; maybe I should use different color so that nobody notices.

Yet there are many different readings of the same story. You can say: “Ah, so many souls are suffering due to these original problems.” But don’t forget, nothing is by chance. All those who participated in these, so to say, sufferings, either they had to go through the sufferings to pay off some karma, or even their sufferings are glorious, because they are involved somehow in the divine arrangements.

But what you mentioned is very much true and very important: that we all have responsibilities in our lives – material and spiritual also. If the last worker is missing from the job, maybe it can be maintained. But if the head is missing, everything will fall apart. It’s the same in a family. If the strong, reliable, exemplary husband is missing, it’s very difficult to maintain it. If the attention of the mother, the wife, who is like the heart of the family, is missing, even more suffering is there. Or a spiritual community: everybody in a group of devotees has a very important place; and if only one person is missing, it’s a great pain. I heard someone telling: “Ah, we are so good, we are so strong that 70% of the devotees leave in one year!” So, ten people join your temple in a year and after one year seven are out – because you are so “strong” and you are so “powerful”. Wait a minute, my dear! If only one person leaves, you should think deeply what you had done wrong. Not that 2/3 of those who join are leaving in one year – it’s not their mistake. So there are different readings of the same story. “We are so great because seven people leave!”

Therefore our vow when joining the devotees is ‘for one lifetime minimum’. Because if I start to be a part of this group and then I withdraw, I will break the picture. Especially there is one position that a devotee with such a service should never leave. This is the cook. The cook should never leave. The singer can leave, no problem; those who listen to the lecture they can leave; those who give the lecture they can leave, even the pujari can leave, because you can substitute all. But until the cook is in his or her place, everybody feels secure. When he or she is out, everybody is very uneasy. Everybody will think: ‘Ah, my spiritual life is in danger!’ So, please, become good cooks. And how can we prevent devotees from leaving? We should make everybody a cook.



(to be continued)

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