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May 2018
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Friday)


Swami Tirtha: Yama and niyama, the prohibitions and recommendations – these rules as basic principles of yoga give the moral background, like a fundament to this lifestyle. And if you want to be a more active practitioner, then you can follow the sitting postures or go to sat-sang, have your breathing exercises and your deeper meditations. The elementary phases are like introductions into the stages of yoga and the highest phases are like the real manifest connection between the individual and the Supreme.

Question: And what is sat-sang?

Swami Tirtha: Sat-sang is a very interesting word. Direct meaning, word-by-word meaning is “to meet the truth”. But generally when people say sat-sang, they mean when they come together discussing or practicing some divine topics. Still actually the meaning is to meet the truth. This is the reason why we should come together, why we should practice together, why we should listen to the lectures, why we should follow joint practices or studies – so that we are able to meet the truth. Sat-sang.

Question: I would like to ask you: can yoga be taught to children? Is there a border line? How do you see this?

Swami Tirtha: Definitely, it should be! It should be taught to children, because education in the material system starts at about five-six or seven. And this is the proper time to educate human beings – to start their education in the mind or in an intellectual way. But if we implement these basic principles of peace, of understanding, of cooperation, of being connected to the Supreme or these divine levels of consciousness – if we implement them early, then this will be very natural for the kids. What to speak of the health response. To have a yoga lifestyle it’s very healthy. Not only by the physical exercise, but by the psyche, you can find personal inner peace more easily. And in this way you can learn new methods of facing the challenges and resolving your own problems. So I think it is very good if we start it as early as possible.

Question: And finally what would you tell a person, who wants to practice yoga?

Swami Tirtha: Don’t hesitate, start it!


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