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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia)

We shall continue our readings from the ancient story of the fight between dark forces and bright forces. Because what happens in life? Bad and good are always either fighting or competing.

“Hiranyakashipu said: “At the end of the kalpa, when the destruction of the universe arrives, all the worlds except the self-effulgent planets enter into complete darkness. Then the creator, utilizing the three qualities of nature, again manifests the world. To that Supreme Personality, who creates, maintains and destroys the universe and is the shelter of the gunas, I’m offering my obeisances!”[1]

As we agreed last time, God has these three functions – generator, operator and destructor, G-O-D. What is the meaning? Everything comes from Him, everything is maintained by Him and finally all the destruction will come from Him also.

“You are the cause of the first manifestation of the universe, the form of knowledge and science, who are manifest as action and transformation of life-forces, the senses, the mind and the intellect.” So, the creative power of the universe is knowledge, higher intelligence. “You are the life and soul of those who know the soul, the self. You are without beginning, beyond all time and space. You are omnipresent, omniscient, the Supersoul residing in the heart of every living entity. You are the eternally conscious personality, who fixes the exact lifespan of all living entities by counting even the smallest fraction of time and then taking their life when their moment has come. But you never change. You are unborn, the supreme controller of all living entities, their life and protector. Everything in this universe, all the good and bad things, the earth and the oceans – all are contained in you and nothing is different from you. The Vedas, the Upanishads and all the other Vedic literature emanate from you. You are the supreme reality from whose navel the golden lotus sprouts.”

This describes very nicely the object of attention of this demon. Yet actually Hiranyakashipu makes a little mistake. Because he glorifies Brahma as if he was God Himself, the Supreme Lord. It is just like if you mistake a minister for the president. The president, or the king, is at the top in the country; the minister is only a minister.

“Ah powerful Lord! Although you always reside in the greatest transcendental abode on the top platform of material universe, you externally display the great form of virat-rupa, the universal, cosmic form, made of all elements, objects of the sense perception, the senses themselves, life-force and the mind. Although you manifest all this, you are the personality beyond the reach of the senses. You are the supreme and oldest personality, the supreme soul living in the heart of every creature, unlimited, imperishable and omnipresent throughout the universe. I offer my obeisances to this Supreme Lord, who is always accompanied by his three energies – the internal potency, the external and the marginal potency.”

Do you follow? This is a description of something beyond our understanding. It describes how God is. How He can manifest the whole universe. Everything comes from Him. How He is there in the hearts of all living beings. This is the way how He maintains everything. And finally He is the ultimate goal of everything – when the end of the world comes, all the energies will go back to the source.

And what is very important in this description? That the Supreme Lord is there in everybody’s heart. How He manages the universal affairs – this is beyond our capacity, we don’t know, it’s His business. For Him the impossible is possible. For us it’s not. But He is there with all the living entities. He is there with you – following you, taking care of you. Therefore we should pay attention. Actually the goal of religion is to pay this attention to the Lord. To find the way back home, back to Godhead.


(to be continued)

[1] The reading continues from B.B.Tirtha Maharaj’s book The holy life of Prahlada

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