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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2013, morning, Sofia)

Question of Harilila: I’ve heard that if you want to achieve something, you should help others to achieve the same. This is relevant in the material and also I hope in the spiritual sphere. Оn the spiritual path you want to go forward and you want to help others to go forward, so that you also be benefited by helping them. But as you are not perfect what actually can you give them without contaminating them? You said that if you are not perfect, you cannot give perfection to others. If you are not pure, what can you give them? What from your spiritual path can you give them to benefit them and yourself as well?

Swami Tirtha: Well, maybe we cannot give perfection to others, but Krishna can. And even if I am limited, my master and the parampara are not limited. So, in case there is a trouble in the system – which might happen – the superiors will enter and help.

Therefore we have to be careful about selecting our heroes. We have to be cautious and eager to search for a very high example. And you have to be aware what you can learn from a person. If you commit yourselves to stupidity, you will achieve stupidity. But one definition of bhakti-yoga is that you isolate yourself from stupidity. And here is a divine hierarchy – maybe I am a very insignificant part of this structure, but the message is proper. Maybe I didn’t accomplish fully, maybe I am not in the light, so to say, not in full realization, but if I know the direction and if I tell others ‘that is the way’ – that’s a relevant help.

Yet again, we have to be careful and we have to be fortunate. Because a real leader of a squadron will say: “Follow me!” While the big generals, sitting in their defence system, will say: “Go forward!” So, select proper.

But serving others, helping others in their spiritual life – this is a very glorious service. And this is the best fulfillment – if I see the progress of others. Maybe I don’t feel big progress in myself, but if I see how much more complete the life of another person has become due to the spiritual practice, this can pacify my heart. Therefore we have to study thoroughly the philosophy to understand the system, and also we have to practice in a very much focused way. And basically speak about your realizations. This is the way to avoid fanaticism: study thoroughly, and speak about your realizations, what you have obtained already.

But you should know the direction. Perfection exists, there is the Supreme Lord, the source of everything, where we can return, and we have the process to achieve our spiritual ideals. So, it’s simple. There is a goal, there is a path and there are you. Put this structure together.


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