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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Kripadham: It’s a topic actually divided into two. The first part is: meeting and separation in divine love. And the second part is: separation and meeting in divine love.

Swami Tirtha: Our tradition is very poetic. What do you think – is there documentation, can we objectively observe anything? Is it possible?

Kamen: Yes.

Swami Tirtha: How?

Kamen: Maybe when we don’t identify ourselves with the ego.

Swami Tirtha: That’s a good point. Nevertheless if you let me share my understanding about this, I feel that there is no chance for documentation. There is only one thing that we can do and that we can enjoy – it’s interpretation. Because as we had read in the Upanishad: yato vacho nivartante aprapya manasa saha – “God Supreme is that from where words and thoughts return, because they cannot understand.”[1] So human explanations, like words, and human understanding, like thoughts they return, incapable.

Nevertheless we try to describe the material reality, the objective world around us in some ways. Like we try to find some physical laws and rules how the universe works. Or we think on the basis of mathematics that two multiplied by two is always four. There are so many things we take as provided: ‘It’s evident that it is like this.’ And we never question: ‘Whether two multiplied by two is four? Or maybe three; and sometimes five…?” Because we agree on these interpretations, we agree on these laws. But in the Twentieth Century the scientists agreed that hardly they can find objective reality. Because everything is floating, even matter is like a condensed energy. And then they found out the Quantum Theory – if you enter a system as an observer, then the system starts to work in a different way.

So slowly-slowly, even in a so called scientific manner we have to face that we cannot catch objective reality. We can only explain that ‘this particle should stay here’ – but it does not! ‘With all my capacities of calculation it should work like this, but it doesn’t work like this.’ Although the system functions properly.

Therefore there is hardly any documentation. But this sounds a little theoretical. When did the elections in Bulgaria happen last time? Recently? So then you remember the billboards. There were only smiling faces, right? Very nice make-up and very nice retouch. And if you meet the same politician personally, he will be a very ugly, old and sour-faced person. Although they want to interpret themselves as very peaceful, very promising, very good, reliable. But where is the reality? Where is the objectivity of our observation? Everybody will say: “Ah, we shall reduce the taxes!” And when you choose them, what happens – they will raise the taxes. And every fourth year you catch the hook! Because there is no objective observation, only interpretation. We Hungarians also share this feature. We are very good in interpreting our failures as success stories. I don’t know how you are, but we are very good at this art.

But then how to find what is real and what is unreal? If even the material sphere is so difficult to describe properly, how much it is impossible to describe the divine world?! Yet the divine world also wants to reveal itself. And fortunately we have met a very poetic expression of that supreme reality.


(to be continued)

[1] Taittiriya Upanishad 2.9.1



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