January 2019
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakura describes what happens if Radharani is separated from Krishna. When She feels the pain so much, that really She is unable to move, She looks like sick. This book is called Chandrika Chamatkar. Again this astonishment – The astonishment of the moonlight. There it is very nicely described that the opponents of Shrimati Radharani’s and Krishna’s meetings – her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law –by all means want to prevent Their meeting. While the other gopis, the friendly servants of Shrimati Radharani, they want to help this meeting to happen. Therefore they invent some methods.

Radharani is lying sick on the bed – isolated in the inner recesses of the house of the mother-in-law. So, the gopis are in anxiety: “How can we  help Radharani?” And as the mother-in-law wants to take care of her second daughter, Radharani, she wants to find some help. ‘Where to find help? Maybe I should go to Radharani’s girlfriends. They know what the situation is.’ So, they tell the solution: “Ah, we heard about a doctor. He is a magic doctor. He can heal everything! But his therapy is very special. It’s not easy to gain his help.” The mother-in-law and her sister-in-law are alarmed: “Ah! We should take Radhika to the doctor.” So they run into the room. But they see that Radharani is stunned. It’s not only that She cannot move, but they cannot move Her either. So they rush back to the gopi-friends: “What can we do, we cannot bring Radharani to the doctor! Maybe the doctor can come to Shrimati Radharani?” The gopis say: “No, it’s impossible! This doctor is very difficult to be invited into a home. He is not easily convinced to come.” “Please, help us to convince him!” “No, it’s impossible, we cannot do that. He will come to your home only if you pray at his feet. Bow down at his feet and desperately cry: “Please, come to our home and help our Radhika!”

So, it happens. Just imagine: the heavy mother-in-law bathing in tears the doctor’s lotus feet: “Please, come to my home! Meet my suffering daughter!” So, the doctor agrees to come. But when they show from a distance Radharani to him, he says: “Too much trouble! I need a private treatment. Nobody else can be here in the room. And it will take a long time. Maybe I will have to stay overnight.” The mother-in-law says: “Yes! Yes! Please, stay overnight! We shall go out and you can stay, but please, cure Her!” So then the doctor very hesitatingly finally agrees.

The next morning Shrimati Radharani is fine. And the mother-in-law is very satisfied. She is happy with the doctor. I think it’s not necessary to name the doctor. But this is chamatkar – the astonishment, lunatic astonishment, astonishment of the Moon. So, this is our philosophy.

But what is the meaning of this story, which is a little charming, a little erotic, tricky, funny? It shows that the topmost level of the divine lilas is achieved when the opposing energy desperately prays to happen what they wanted to prevent. So, Krishna doesn’t steal Radharani from home – no, He is invited! Do you see the intensity?

Which one is first – meeting or separation? I cannot tell. And it’s not necessary to understand theoretically. It’s enough to have a feeling as a feedback, and this feeling is called chamatkar, astonishment.



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